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> Given that some essential third party modules are not going down this path, it is unlikely that general users would ever see any benefit.

I disagree with your statement. It does not reflect my experience, too.

Heap types are a prerequisite for abi3 wheels. In order to get abi3 binary wheels, extensions must use the limited API, which means they must use heap types. Stable ABI wheels are a great benefit for extension authors, because it reduces their build matrix substantially. For instance cryptography's stable abi3 wheels work with any Python version >=3.6,<4.

Heap types and stable abi3 are also a major benefit for general users. Once Cython and the NumPy stack supports limited API and stable ABI, users no longer have to wait on builds for a new Python release. Every new minor release we get several bug reports on BPO about NumPy not working on latest release. This will go away.
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