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Date 2021-10-22.16:15:50
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> Why is not PEP 630 enough?

My understanding is that this entire class of code changes has been put on hold pending Steering Council approval.  It represents a great deal of code churn and creation on new APIs.  Several of the patches had had negative performance impacts and AFAICT all of the patches have made the code more complicated and harder to maintain.  Several that I looked at had no tests at all, so there was no discernible or provabler user benefit.  Also the code being affected is typically some of our most stable code that hasn't had to be changed in over a decade.  IIRC one or more of the patches created new bugs, were destabilizing, or altered the APIs in subtle ways.

Please get explicit approval from the SC before continuing to sweep through the code base, creating heap types everywhere.  Given that some essential third party modules are not going down this path, it is unlikely that general users would ever see any benefit.
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