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Author gvanrossum
Date 2002-08-15.03:03:31
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string_dealloc() is a bit optimistic in that it
doesn't check the DelItem for an error; but I
don't know what it should do when it gets an error
at that point.  Probably call Py_FatalError(); if
it wanted to recover, it would have to call
PyErr_Fetch() / PyErr_Restore() around the
DelItem() call, because we're in a dealloc handler
here and that shouldn't change the exception

_Py_ReleaseInternedStrings() should use PyDict_ methods, not
PyMapping_ methods. And it should do more careful error
checking. But maybe it's best to delete this function --
it's not needed except when you want to run Insure++, and
we're not using that any more.

I note that the whole patch needs to be scrutinized
carefully looking for missing error checking and things like
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