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Author orenti
Date 2002-07-06.14:35:29
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This implementation supports both mortal and immortal interned 

PyString_InternInPlace creates an immortal interned string for 
backward compatibility with code that relies on this behavior.

PyString_Intern creates a mortal interned string that is 
deallocated when its refcnt reaches 0.  Note that if the string 
value has been previously interned as immortal this will not 
make it mortal.

Most places in the interpreter were changed to PyString_Intern 
except those that may be required for compatibility.

This version of the patch, like the previous one, disables 
indirect interning. Is there any evidence that it is still an 
important optimization for some packages?

Make sure you rebuild everything after applying this patch 
because it modifies the size of string object headers.

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