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Date 2021-10-21.00:24:06
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On Oct 20, 2021, at 08:28, Eric Snow <> wrote:
> The only catch I see is where the module's code sets one of the attrs.  Would the proxy (or import machinery) pick those up, or maybe for some of them emit a warning or fail?
> We could also skip the proxy and add the properties to ModuleType directly, no?

My initial idea was to proxy from the ModuleType to the ModuleSpec and I started down that path, but hacking in C is much more painful than experimenting in Python, so that’s why I did my WIP branch (i.e. just to play with the feasibility of it).

Thus I had planned to keep the actual attribute values in the ModuleSpec and essentially implement a getattro and setattro in the ModuleType that proxied sets and gets to the ModuleSpec.
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