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Author brett.cannon
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Date 2021-10-20.23:58:48
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`Modules/Setup` is currently incomplete/broken. Some things are completely missing from it, while others won't work if you uncomment them in the file.

When trying to compile a completely static CPython interpreter I ran into the following issues:

- _weakref is listed twice
- _testcapi can't be statically compiled
- math/cmath conflict with a build rule in
- _dbm needs more logic/comments (at least on macOS)
- nis needs more logic/comments (at least on macOS)

And the following modules are completely missing from the file:
- _ctypes
- _decimal
- _lsprof
- _lzma
- _multiprocessing
- _opcode
- _posixshmem
- _queue
- _scproxy
- _sqlite3
- _testbuffer
- _testipmortmultiple
- _testmultiphase
- _uuid
- xxsubinterpreters
- xxtestfuzz
- ossaudiodev
- xxlimited
- xxlimited_35
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