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Date 2021-10-18.11:42:47
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  If sqlite3_close_v2() is called with unfinalized prepared statements,
  unclosed BLOB handlers, and/or unfinished sqlite3_backups, it returns
  SQLITE_OK regardless, but instead of deallocating the database connection
  immediately, it marks the database connection as an unusable "zombie" and
  makes arrangements to automatically deallocate the database connection after
  all prepared statements are finalized, all BLOB handles are closed, and all
  backups have finished. The sqlite3_close_v2() interface is intended for use
  with host languages that are garbage collected, and where the order in which
  destructors are called is arbitrary.


  Calling sqlite3_close() or sqlite3_close_v2() with a NULL pointer argument
  is a harmless no-op.
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