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Date 2021-10-16.15:26:05
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According to the suggested stats and pgomgr.exe, I experimentally moved LOAD_FAST and LOAD_CONST cases out of switch as below.

        if (opcode == LOAD_FAST) {

        if (opcode == LOAD_CONST) {

        switch (opcode) {

x64 performance results after patched (msvc2019)

Good inliner ver.
    3.10.0+    1.03x faster than before
    28d28e0~1  1.04x faster
    3.8.12     1.03x faster

Bad inliner ver. (too big evalfunc. Has msvc2022 increased the capacity?)
    3.10.0/rc2 1.00x faster
    3.11a1+    1.02x faster

It seems to me since quite a while ago the optimizer has stopped at some place after successful inlining. So the performance may be sensitive to code changes and it could be possible to detect where the optimization is aborted.

(Benchmarks: switch-case_unarranged_bench.txt)
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