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Date 2021-10-08.09:21:13
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Today I tested with msvc2022-preview, `__forceinline` attribute will not hang the build.

64-bit PGO builds:

    28d28e0~1,vc2022   : baseline
    28d28e0~1+F,vc2022 : 1.02x slower  <1>
    28d28e0,vc2022     : 1.03x slower  <2>
    28d28e0+F,vc2022   : 1.03x slower
    3.10 final,vc2022  : 1.03x slower
    3.10 final+F,vc2022: 1.03x slower
    28d28e0~1,vc2019   : 1.00x slower  <3>

28d28e0~1 is the last fast commit, 28d28e0 is the first slow commit.
`+F` means add `__forceinline` attribute to all inline functions in object.h
vc2019 and vc2022 are the latest version.

<1> Forcing inline is slower.
<2> 28d28e0 is still slow, but not that much.
<3> Normally, msvc2019 and msvc2022 have the same performance.

Is it possible to write a PGO profile for 28d28e0?

msvc2022 will be released in November this year, and maybe subsequent versions can be built with msvc2022.
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