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I would very much appreciate any new compiler be compatible with the 
standard Windows debuggers (windbg primarily, but I imagine most 
contributors would like it to keep working from VS).

Last I heard, clang is fine as a compiler for debugging if you use the 
MSVC linker to generate debug info, though it still isn't as complete as 
MSVC (ultimately by definition, since MSVC is the 
standard-by-implementation for this stuff). And I've got no idea 
how/whether link-time optimisation works when you mix tools, but I'd 
have to assume it doesn't.

Switching compiler may prevent me from being able to analyse crash 
reports (and by me, I mean the automated internal tools that do it for 
me), and certainly parts of the Windows build rely on MSVC-specific 
functionality right now (not in the main DLL) so we'd end up needing 
both for a full build.

Also, just to put it out there, I'm not volunteering to rewrite the 
build system :) If the steering council signs off on switching, I won't 
block it, but I have more interesting things to work on.
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