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Date 2021-09-28.20:45:06
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As noted in the issue: `PyType_FromSpec` assumes that the `name` passed is persistent for the program lifetime.  This seems wrong/unnecessary: We are creating a heap-type, a heap-type's name is stored as a unicode object anyway!

So, there is no reason to require the string be persistent, and a program that decides to build a custom name dynamically (for whatever reasons) would run into a crash when the name is accessed.

The code:

Should be modified to point to to the `ht_name` (utf8) data instead.  My guess is, the simplest solution is calling `type_set_name`, even if that runs some unnecessary checks.

I understand that the FromSpec API is mostly designed to replace the static type definition rather than extend it, but it seems an unintentional/strange requirement.
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