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3.10rc2 Python/ceval.c
1306: #define DISPATCH() \
1307:     { \
1308:         if (trace_info.cframe.use_tracing OR_DTRACE_LINE OR_LLTRACE) { \
1309:             goto tracing_dispatch; \

Among the 44 pgo-tests, only test_patma.TestTracing hits the condition above. On Windows, it seems that skipping it tightens the profile of PR28475 a bit. Additional tests such as test_threading(.ThreadTests.test_frame_tstate_tracing) might also cause some amount of variation or vice versa.

3.10rc2 x64 PGO    : 1.00
+ PR28475 
  with TestTracing : 1.05x faster (slow  3, fast 46, same  9)
  without          : 1.06x faster (slow  5, fast 52, same  1)

  with TestTracing : 1.00
  without          : 1.01x faster (slow 19, fast 27, same 12)

(Details: PR28475_skip1test_bench.txt)

Does test_patma.TestTracing need training for match-case performance?
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