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I built 3.10rc2 PGO with PR28475 applied, and posted the inliner's log.
In the log, the 4-callees mentioned above are now inlined, which were "hard reject"ed before.

As for the performance, a few reporters may be needed, but it's not necessary for them to care about noises in the apparent gap.

310rc2 x64 PGO           : 1.00
 + PR28475 build1 bench1 : 1.05x faster (slower  7, faster 43, nochange  8)
                  bench2 : 1.05x faster (slower  2, faster 43, nochange 13)
           build2        : 1.05x faster (slower  4, faster 45, nochange  9)

310rc2 x64 release       : 1.00
 + PR28475               : 1.01x faster (slower 14, faster 25, nochange 19)

Is Windows involved in the faster-cpython project? If so, the project should be provided with Windows machines for validation.
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