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Date 2021-09-18.02:01:52
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> (32-bit: "1.07", 64-bit: "1.14": "higher the slower" wrote neonene)

32-bit and 64-bit are in reverse. I compared b1 and a7 because this can be confirmed by anyone with official binary. If 7% of my patch has little to do with the gap, then I will be happy that 3.10 can be far faster.

>How can I build Python with PGO on Windows?

Try the following,

   PCbuild\build.bat -p x64 --no-tkinter --pgo

Before building, your object.h needs to replace
    static inline int Py_ALWAYS_INLINE
    static Py_ALWAYS_INLINE int 

In my case, pgo got stuck on linking with the object.h.

I'm waiting the reply from developercommunity.
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