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Date 2021-09-14.22:57:59
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In msg401744 I suggested any of the following for the upcoming 3.10.0 release.

1. Remove the new line.
2. Disable the line by adding '#'.
3. Make it conditional on macOS and 8.6.8.

Thinking more, I am rejecting 3. because the line is not needed for IDLE and tk as installed by our macOS.  As things stand now, I an only willing to support IDLE with the tk we install.  But I will go with option 2 so that if someone tries to run IDLE with a different tk, and the line is needed, they only need to remove the '#'.

A version of 3. is needed for 3.9 but this needs more data and discussion.  In looking at your no-issue PR_28332, I realized that I would rather make a more extensive change than to patch a badly written function for at least the fourth time.  I will open an issue for that PR and explain later.
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