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> Any suggestions for the format of output? Currently PR 28082 formats lines for subtest skipping, failure or error with a 2-space identation. Lines for skipping, failure or error in tearDown() or functions registered with addCallback() do not differ from a line skipping, failure or error in the test method itself.

I'm fine with that. Ultimately I don't think differentiating subtest status from method status is that important.

> I am not sure about backporting this change.

Since we're too late for 3.10.0 and it isn't a trivially small change that changes test output, I think we shouldn't be backporting it. There are tools that parse this output in editors. I'm afraid that it's too risky since we haven't given the community enough time to test for output difference.

I'm marking this as resolved. Thanks for your patch, Serhiy! If you feel strongly about backporting, we'd have to reopen and mark this as release blocker.
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