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The idea of combining help features by defining a subclass that inherits from other subclasses was endorsed by the original developer (we could dig up an old bug/issue to prove that).

The provided subclasses all tweak a "private" method, often one that's buried deep in the calling stack.

I can't quote any official policy, but my sense is that Python developers are ok with users subclassing and modifying "private" methods.  Methods, functions and classes (and variables) with leading '_' aren't documented, or imported via `__all__`, but otherwise the boundary between what is part of the user API and what's "hidden" is loose in Python.  

Apparently some corporate policies prohibit use or modification of things that aren't in the public API, but I don't think that policy protects you from changes.  'argparse' changes at a glacial rate, with a lot of concern for backward compatibility.  In fact it's that fear of unintended consequences that slows down the pace of change.  Subclassing a help formatter is preferred because it minimizes the chance of hurting existing users.
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