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On Tue, Aug 31, 2021 at 10:05 PM Inada Naoki <> wrote:
> I don't want all frozen header files to be committed in git repository.
> Can't we just build them during build process?

That's a good point (and an interesting one).  Only two of the frozen
modules are necessary (_frozen_importlib_external and
_frozen_importlib_external, to bootstrap the import system).  So for
those two it makes sense to have them in the git repository.

For all the rest it isn't necessary.  The only advantage is that
contributors don't have to think about them and they will be
guaranteed to be there.  However, if someone clones the repo they have
to build Python, so the frozen modules will get created anyway at that

So I'm fine with not committing all those modules.  This will require
that all those files be added to the .gitignore file.  (I'll update my
PR accordingly.)

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