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Date 2021-08-31.23:02:16
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Oh, I see now what you meant. 

I think you're right that it's cleanup. I changed dash_R_cleanup to put the sys._clear_type_cache() after clear_caches() and the leak is gone:

@@ -166,9 +166,6 @@ def dash_R_cleanup(fs, ps, pic, zdc, abcs):
-    # clear type cache
-    sys._clear_type_cache()
     # Clear ABC registries, restoring previously saved ABC registries.
     abs_classes = [getattr(, a) for a in]
     abs_classes = filter(isabstract, abs_classes)
@@ -181,6 +178,12 @@ def dash_R_cleanup(fs, ps, pic, zdc, abcs):
+    # clear type cache
+    sys._clear_type_cache()
+    support.gc_collect()

I did this because I suspected it's something related to types, because it only happen when we define the exception classes (A and B) inside the test function. 

So maybe the type objects of these exceptions are not cleared from the type cache because they have refcount > 0 but by the time      clear_caches() and gc.collect() finish they are cleared?

Note this doesn't mean the change I made is always right - maybe the whole body of dash_R_cleanup should be in a loop until nothing changes?
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