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Date 2021-08-31.13:34:42
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There was such bug in CPython stdlib, in the _testcapi module, see commit 310e2d25170a88ef03f6fd31efcc899fe062da2c of bpo-36854:

commit 310e2d25170a88ef03f6fd31efcc899fe062da2c
Author: Victor Stinner <>
Date:   Fri Nov 22 10:58:00 2019 +0100

    bpo-36854: Fix refleak in subinterpreter (GH-17331)
    finalize_interp_clear() now explicitly clears the codec registry and
    then trigger a GC collection to clear all references.

diff --git a/Modules/_testcapimodule.c b/Modules/_testcapimodule.c
index baa6907b7e..0908f3457f 100644
--- a/Modules/_testcapimodule.c
+++ b/Modules/_testcapimodule.c
@@ -6721,11 +6721,14 @@ PyInit__testcapi(void)
     PyModule_AddObject(m, "instancemethod", (PyObject *)&PyInstanceMethod_Type);
     PyModule_AddIntConstant(m, "the_number_three", 3);
+    PyObject *v;
-    PyModule_AddObject(m, "WITH_PYMALLOC", Py_True);
+    v = Py_True;
-    PyModule_AddObject(m, "WITH_PYMALLOC", Py_False);
+    v = Py_False;
+    Py_INCREF(v);
+    PyModule_AddObject(m, "WITH_PYMALLOC", v);
     TestError = PyErr_NewException("_testcapi.error", NULL, NULL);
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