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Ɓukasz, thank you very much for your help with getting these changes merged in!

I hope others will chime in with suggestions and/or edits to the newer or substantially revised sections. There is most definitely lots of room for improvement. 

One specific request... does anyone have solid recommendations for other resources (including books, paid video courses, etc.) that extensively cover Tkinter and use current best practices (grid, ttk, etc.)? This would be for the "see also" section. While I think the two free tutorial/reference resources on make the most sense, I'm a bit queasy about the self-promotion optics of also highlighting Modern Tkinter as prominently as it is now in the books section.

That still leaves the "handy reference" section to deal with, which currently consists of a mish-mash of material. When I have a chance, I'll work on a PR with a list of classes and common methods (but not arguments or explanations) as suggested before. While the pieces that were already merged in were probably low on the controversy scale, it's still unclear what the right way forward is with the actual reference part and I expect some more discussion on that.
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