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Date 2021-08-18.09:27:28
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## unittest

What's needed to move forward with removing the deprecated aliases?

A deprecation warning is shown for `python3 -m unittest test_bar` and `python3` (tested Python 3.6-3.10).

No deprecation warning is shown for `python test`, however, both setuptools and pytest have deprecated/discouraged `python test`:

Docs already mention they are deprecated:

> At a bare minimum you should list removed features in the 3.9 changelog and porting guide as "will be removed in 3.10". I would even argue to add deprecation warnings to the code in 3.9 (with permission from the RM). If the RM is against deprecation warnings, then it might be good idea to postpone removal to 3.11.

So at this stage (3.10 in RC), do we need to list them in the 3.11 changelog and porting guide as "will be removed in 3.12"?
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