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> I don't see the tcl/tk versions as an issue

My main concern was when Tcl/Tk has a major new release with new kwargs. If MacOS was shipped with one version and Windows another, I suspect we would have to hold back an update to the docs. I am slightly less concerned now, because so far there are no new kwargs in the 8.7 highlights:

> I would like a complete, in some sense, internal reference, which we would be able to correct and further improve

Despite being more relaxed about the version issue above, my other major concern is the size of such a project. I started working on some reference documentation I named “tkinter-docs” ( / but as you can see I haven’t worked on it since mid-May (I simply lost steam given the number of hours I’d have to invest to finish it).

My thinking is that an open-source documentation would be much easier to maintain going forward (rather being up to a single person to keep up-to-date) without filling Serhiy’s inbox with *a lot* of inevitable docs fixes. IMO, such documentation (regardless of a community to help) would still require a large amount of dedication from a single person to be checking and merging patches.

Another thing I think we would need to work out is how we respect the Tk licence’s requirement for attribution while allowing the PSF to relicense the docs as they please (I ‘m assuming that any work we produce would be based heavily enough on the Tk man pages to require the attribution). With tkinter-docs, this was easy enough as I could just include the full Tk license on a somewhat out-of-the-way page. Since the PSF would (probably) want to relicense the entire docs rather than just whatever modifications we’ve made, we may need legal advice or written exemption from the TCT (is there anyone more knowledgeable on the subject that we can nosy?).

> My 'biggest' idea is that we should document tk and ttk widgets together.

That does sound like a very good idea, so long as we make it obvious which module to find the specific widget in.

> someone posted a link to a site with distribution versus tcl/tk information
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