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Here are my broad suggestions for improvement (each of these would turn into a separate PR). Thoughts for/against each?

1. 'See also' section: use this to guide people to what they need. update to point out challenge of finding material given age etc., clearer what to use each resource for, update as needed (e.g. later editions of books)

2. Tkinter modules section: add ttk up front (i.e. usually use tkinter and tkinter.ttk), fill in a couple missing ones, move import/Tk() to later section (example or ref)

3. Architecture (was recently added). Merge in (and improve) material from how Tk and Tkinter are related, drop Tix from here

4. Replace life preserver with:

4a. Updated hello world example: use ttk and grid, explain each call

4b. How to introspect (figure out commands, arguments, and options... some of this is e.g. now in the reference section) so when don't have exact docs on something can figure out how to find answers

4c. Bridge from Tcl/Tk documentation: rewrite of 'quick look' and 'mapping' sections, more a list of how key concepts are realized in Tkinter, such as widget hierarchy. Less example based, more factual/reference oriented. 

5. 'Handy reference' section: drop most of what's there now, replace with lists of classes (e.g. widgets), general methods available on all widgets (grid, bind, winfo*, etc.),  organized into categories. Likely without (most) arguments or options, or descriptions. There have been a few starts on this including the PR that Mason did here.
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