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Author Marc.Culler
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Date 2021-08-06.18:26:13
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I built Tcl and Tk 8.6 on Monterey beta (21A5294g) and I see this
traceback in the Wish file dialog demo.  Note that this is *not* an
error.  The file dialog works fine.  This is a non-fatal
NSInternalInconsistencyException which prints a traceback to stderr.
It occurs within a call to [NSSavePanel runModal] which is entirely
Apple code.  The runModal method is not deprecated.  Most likely, when
Apple releases Monterey the assert command will have been removed,
possibly replaced by a call to NSLog which writes information into a
log file rather than print it to stderr.  (NSLog itself prints to
stderr when debugging is enabled.)  Of course macOS apps run without
stderr, so you will only see this traceback when running a python
program from the terminal.  (Any linux user who runs linux apps from
the terminal is used to seeing lots of stderr messages in stderr.  Try
running okular from a terminal sometime.  So we shouldn't complain too

Anyway, this looks harmless and the messages will almost surely go
away in the production version.  However, there are several new
deprecations related to specifying preferred file types in a file
dialog which I will address in Tk before Monterey is released.

Beta releases are betas, even for macOS.

- Marc

On Thu, Aug 5, 2021 at 1:23 PM Ned Deily <> wrote:
> Ned Deily <> added the comment:
> > I used to install Python, which I think uses the universal installer
> As far as I know, Homebrew builds its own Python and Tk.
> > After I reinstall macOS, if you need further testing, i’m open to trying.
> Thanks. I think the next step would be to try to reproduce just using Tcl and Tk as this most likely is an issue in Tk rather than Python.  It's also quite possible that the underlying problem will be fixed in a future Monterey beta. Alas, I don't have time to look further into this in the immediate future.  Perhaps someone can follow up directly with the Tk folks.
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