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Date 2021-08-06.18:25:28
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There are problems with clearing all ignored deprecation filters.

We can want to ignore warnings in narrower or wider scope: per-method, per-class, per-module. We should use the warnings.catch_warnings() context manager for restoring filters in the correct scope. For example, use setUp/tearDown, setUpClass/tearDownClass, setUpModule/tearDownModule and save the context manager as an instance/class attribute or module global.

   def setUp(self):
       self.w = warnings.catch_warnings()

    def tearDown():
        self.w.__exit__(None, None, None)

It is hard to use any helper here because the code should be added in multiple places.

Or use setUp/addCleanup, setUpClass/addClassCleanup, setUpModule/addModuleCleanup if you want to keep all code in one place:

   def setUp(self):
       w = warnings.catch_warnings()
       self.addCleanup(w.__exit__, None, None, None)

The helper can call catch_warnings(), __enter__(), set filters and return a caller which calls __exit__(None, None, None):

   def setUp(self):

For class and method scopes it would be convenient to use class and method decorators correspondingly.

    def test_foo(self):

class BarTests(unittest.TestCase):
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