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Date 2021-07-29.16:08:26
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> This fix is going to cause a regression of bpo-36050. Would it not be possible to fix this in _ssl.c (by breaking a large read into multiple smaller calls to SSL_read)? It seems like fixing this at the SSL layer is more appropriate than trying to work around it at the HTTP layer, and thus impacting the performance of all HTTP fetches (whether using TLS or not, and whether >2GB or not).

Bruce, you're discussing the *revert* of the bpo-36050 change as if it was a new change. It isn't, it is literally returning to a state that was previously tested and worked fine since Python 3.5. By reverting, we're choosing correctness over performance here.

Introducing a new implementation for bpo-36050 is now out of scope for 3.9 as it's a performance-oriented change which we cannot accept in a bugfix release.
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