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Date 2021-07-27.08:46:10
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I know this issue is closed but just wanted to have a discussion around adding CI support for cpython on windows on arm targets.

We at linaro are working on adding windows/arm support for popular packages such as numpy, cffi etc. Hopefully, very soon we will have many of the popular packages working out of the box on windows on arm targets.

Testing windows/arm has been an open question. I heard about the potential availablity of windows/arm machines in azure cloud sometimes in the future but not sure about the timescale.

In Linaro, we have a WoA farm which has couple of surface pro which we are happy to use for CI and for release builds etc. It could be an interim testing system until we have support in azure. This would enable us to start official support for cpython for windows/arm sooner.

I would like to hear your thoughts on the proposal
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