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Date 2021-07-26.00:11:03
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Hi all,

This is my first issue so feedback is welcome.

Following @vstinner 's suggestions:
> * os.rename() can fail if source and destination are on two different
file systems
> * Use shutil.move() to support move to a different directory

And from @eryksun :
> ... on Windows the "operation will fail if src and dst are on different filesystems".

Just 2 short lines:
2292,6 +2292,8 @@ features:
    will fail with an :exc:`OSError` subclass in a number of cases:
    On Windows, if *dst* exists a :exc:`FileExistsError` is always raised.
+   The operation will fail if *src* and *dst* are on different filesystems. Use
+   :func:`shutil.move` to support moves to a different filesystem.

If nothing to change, I will make a PR soon.
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