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Author brandtbucher
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Date 2021-07-23.01:09:36
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I believe that delegating to the actual underlying mapping without exposing it is a bit of a lost cause, since for some type m we still need these to work:

>>> types.MappingProxyType(m({"a": 0)) | types.MappingProxyType(m({"b": 1}))
m({'a': 0, 'b': 1}) 
>>> types.MappingProxyType(m({"a": 0)) == types.MappingProxyType(m({"a": 0}))

(Note that because both sides are proxies, it's impossible for any resolution to happen without m explicitly knowing how to handle them unless both mappings are unwrapped simultaneously.)

Instead, the attached PR delegates to a *copy* of the underlying mapping for these operations instead. I think this is the easiest way to approximate the current behavior while maintaining proper encapsulation.
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