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Anyways, the solution for "build on older macOS version, deploy to Big Sur" is to dynamically look for the relevant API (``_dyld_shared_cache_contains_path``) and use it when available. But only in that scenario, the current code path using explicit weak linking should be kept for those building using a recent SDK (cleaner code, better error reporting).

This should be a fairly easy patch, but I don't know when I'll get around to looking into this further.

Alternatively we could require that Python is build using the macOS 11 SDK (or later) when targeting Big Sur.

I'm dropping 3.8 from the list of versions because it is in "bug fix only" mode and won't receive a patch for this.  IIRC 3.8 also doesn't support Big Sur in the first place, we've only back ported Big Sur support to 3.9.
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