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Author Norman Lorrain
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Date 2021-07-12.21:07:41
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Something like this:

   .. impl-detail::
      Where applicable (e.g. Unix) *path* must point to somewhere on a
**mounted** filesystem partition.

On Sun, 11 Jul 2021 at 16:18, Tyler Crompton <> wrote:

> Tyler Crompton <> added the comment:
> Not even the kernel knows how much space is available on a nonmounted
> partition. It doesn't know much beyond the fact that it exists and where it
> exists. There exist tools that can analyze nonmounted partitions, but these
> will vary by filesystem and operating system. If someone wants to implement
> solutions for the most common filesystem-OS combinations, then that might
> be helpful.
> But considering that no one has done that or even asked for it yet, I'm
> not sure that doing so is worth the effort. So I agree that documenting it
> is the best approach. It should be documented such that the limitations are
> mentioned, not necessarily how it's implemented. If explaining which system
> calls are used helps explain the limitations, then so be it. Additionally,
> as far as I'm concerned, there's no reason to restrict other Python
> implementations from implementing functionality for nonmounted disks. So
> the limitations should be described as being CPython-specific, akin to what
> is done for `readline.set_auto_history`.
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