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> I do want to be cautious of saying that we can't do it because of the way the REPL is currently implemented- which appears to be an implementation driven by convenience more than necessity.

Apologies if I have not been clear on this. Is not that we can't do it, is just the balance between complexity and the benefits of the change.

> I also find pushing against special-case behavior in the REPL strange. The REPL already has special-case behavior: printing the header, the __interactivehook__ that configures readline, heck, the `>>>` are unique the REPL and plainly copy-pasting a REPL session into a file won't work.

But that is just printing, not semantic behaviour. What we are discussing here is to give a different semantic behaviour to exit NAME only in interactive mode. This is fundamentally different that just printing or make the parser show ">>>" every time it asks for a new line, as those are not changing the *meaning* of Python code.
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