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Author JunyiXie
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Date 2021-06-29.06:53:41
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In _PyStructSequence_InitType, it will check type is initialized.
but when we have multi subinterpreters, type may be initialized expected.

when type already been initialized, should return 0 rather than throw exception.
/* PyTypeObject has already been initialized */
if (Py_REFCNT(type) != 0) {
    return 0;

_PyStructSequence_InitType(PyTypeObject *type, PyStructSequence_Desc *desc,
                           unsigned long tp_flags)
    PyMemberDef *members;
    Py_ssize_t n_members, n_unnamed_members;

#ifdef Py_TRACE_REFS
    /* if the type object was chained, unchain it first
       before overwriting its storage */
    if (type->ob_base.ob_base._ob_next) {
        _Py_ForgetReference((PyObject *)type);

    /* PyTypeObject has already been initialized */
    if (Py_REFCNT(type) != 0) {
        return -1;
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