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Date 2021-06-24.17:18:21
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Hi Marc-Andre Lemburg,

Thanks for your reply. I tried using as could be downloaded from as you mentioned. However the code in seems to be in a much worse shape than the attached here. The code in gencodec relies on being able to compare integers with tuples. This is caused by the lines:

mappings = sorted(map)

hinting that this code has never been run using python 3.

providing a decent sort key solves this issue. But after that other issues pop up. For example there seems to be some problems handling the 0x-001  by the not appropriately handling of items in the mapping that have MISSING_CODE resulting in things like:

    0x80: 0x-001

showing up in the generated code.

And then there is the issue that python_mapdef_code has as a side effect that it does 'del map["IDENTITY"]' causing "'IDENTITY' in map" in python_tabledef_code to always evaluate to False even when it should evaluate to True.

The problems above can be observed by just running on .

If was a trustworthy and well maintained piece of code, I would happily use it. However at the moment I don't see it as a valid option since debugging would cost me at least as much time as just writing its output myself instead of generating it. Additionally doesn't seem to provide a mapping file for iso6937.

I do agree that using codecs.charmap_encode and codecs.charmap_decode is a much better solution then the one in But I don't understand well enough to actually fix it.
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