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Date 2021-06-09.22:20:06
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>  Maybe you should give more memory to your worker, or you should spawn less jobs in parallel

It was related to high number of jobs in that particular agent and result in OOM Kill from the Linux kernel -

The machine has 1GB Ram, but I realize that it has only one 1 CPU (This seems not optimal, minimal of 2 CPU seems to be recommendation - 

I will change it to run few jobs in parallel, and disable some services which are not used) and we could see again.

For this, I would rather side with an agent resource issue than a compiler issue. Sorry for that.


I also notice number unsuccessful SSH attempts on the server (today) -

The agent got unreachable probably due this, and I did reboot of the agent from the cloud console, so that I could login and see what might have happened.
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