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The line where the failure occurs is the point where it's checking that the warning was issued. The fact that a StopIteration is raised indicates that no warnings were caught. I can think of a couple of scenarios where that could happen:

- That warning is somehow disabled.
- The `Distribution` object returned by `distribution('distinfo-pkg')` is somehow an older implementation (perhaps an older importlib_metadata is present).

Given that the DeprecationWarnings aren't missed on other tests, the latter seems to be a more likely candidate.

I notice that the regular tests are passing. It's only in the 'appx' environment where the test fails. I'm not familiar with appx, but it seems likely that something from the appx environment creation is a factor in the divergent behavior.

Steve, can you advise on how appx environments are created and how one could replicate a test failure that only occurs in that environment?
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