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@victor, git bisect tells me the change f3fa63ec75fdbb4a08a10957a5c631bf0c4a5970 caused test_exceptions.ExceptionTests.test_recursion_in_except_handler to stack overflow only on windows debug builds. 3 windows buildbots using python debug mode is affected. Python compiled with release mode is *not* affected and passes the test. Here's an example error on one of the buildbots:

I can also reproduce this locally. I tracked this issue down after a recursion in AST also caused a stack overflow, see my message here:

TLDR: Windows builds seems to set stack size to 2MB, on *nix it's probably higher (usually 8MB). I suspect the static inline functions are not being inlined in windows debug builds, so every function call adds to the stack. In that message I proposed to increase the stack size on windows but there are some concerns (see msg395177). What do you think?
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