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Date 2021-06-06.10:38:51
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The new test `test_entry_points_by_index` (added in c34ed08d975fb7daa7b329f7c631647782290393 ) seems to fail on some windows buildbots:

A copy of the error output for everyone's convenience:
ERROR: test_entry_points_by_index (test.test_importlib.test_metadata_api.APITests)
Prior versions of Distribution.entry_points would return a
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "D:\a\1\b\layout-appx-amd64\lib\test\test_importlib\", line 145, in test_entry_points_by_index
    expected = next(iter(caught))


BTW, the same buildbot is currently failing on main with a different error which masks that error above. I'll do more digging if no one takes this up by next week. Currently I'm not able to reproduce that locally on my windows machine. Thanks all!
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