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Author pablogsal
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Date 2021-06-04.16:11:16
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Unfortunately, commit 2c1e2583fdc4db6b43d163239ea42b0e8394171f has broken all the refleak buildbots. Example failure:


c1e2583fdc4db6b43d163239ea42b0e8394171f is the first bad commit
commit 2c1e2583fdc4db6b43d163239ea42b0e8394171f
Author: Eric Snow <>
Date:   Thu Jun 3 10:28:27 2021 -0600

    bpo-43693: Add new internal code objects fields: co_fastlocalnames and co_fastlocalkinds. (gh-26388)

As this is affecting all test, I am proceeding with a revert of commit 2c1e2583fdc4db6b43d163239ea42b0e8394171f directly to not mask other issues.
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