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> There is a subtle issue easy to not notice.  Scrolling is slightly different when the window height an integral number of lines, as it now is on startup, or pixels, as after resizing with zoom or mouse grab.  I believe 'lines' is enough better that I have considered snapping to 'lines' after changes.  Not now though.

This is mostly a separate issue.  I certainly think that scrolling should be consistent, independent of whether the window show a whole or fractional number of lines.  Terry, is there an issue open about that or shall we open one?

> The Settings dialog height is currently determined by the General tab.  It is already too high for some notebooks: on my macbook, I can barely click OK (with 'OK' not visible) *after* putting the app bar on the side rather than bottom.  We need to squeeze existing items rather than add another.

This is entirely separate.  It has been mentioned before, but again I'm not aware of an existing issue specifically about this.  If there isn't one, let's create one and discuss there.
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