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Date 2021-05-26.11:30:13
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> Other bug reports and feature requests that matter to us don't appear to be getting any traction:

I'll start going through those, and see if I can fix some of the bugs on that list.

A few notes:

> Need an option to run the install-certificates script

Are you suggesting that we add a way to do this directly from IDLE?

> Sometimes the Search Dialog window becomes unresponsive and there is no way to clear it without turning IDLE off.

Is there an open issue about this? Details would be helpful.

> Several of these issues have only came-up in the past few years.  IDLE used to be more stable than it is now.

This may be true, and at least partially due to a continuous need to fix things broken by various OS and Tcl/Tk changes.

> For mac users who have enabled tabs system-wide, opening a new window in IDLE triggers a system log-out (amazing that this is even possible).  My understanding is there isn't anything we can do about this, but it is a really bad out-of-the-box user experience seconds after a fresh install of Python.

This is a prime example of the above: macOS changes + Tcl/Tk issues with those mean we are often very limited in our ability to properly address such issues.  FWIW we added a warning in the IDLE shell about running with that OS option enabled, see bpo-34864 and PR GH-10464.  I wasn't aware of such crashes; is there an issue about them?

> Being able to run pip from within IDLE would be a major win, especially for Windows users who are foreign to the command-line and who often do have Python on the PATH.

I agree!  This needs to be properly designed and would be far from trivial to implement and test.  If an issue about this exists or would be created, I'd be happy to help move it forward.
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