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Date 2021-05-26.00:19:04
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Thanks for the explanation!

> They're flakey in the sense that they're not failing reliably, when they clearly should be :)

Yeah, I do agree with you in this, but I am still not happy that they *realiably* pass in 3.9 and 3.8 in two different OS where now they fail: Windows and MacOS

> But short of that, I don't see anything deterministic changed here.

Well, but the test *deterministically* fail in 3.10 and main and don't fail in 3.9 or 3.8. And it also happens in MacOS.

I really don't want to be annoying here, I really don't. But please, understand my position as RM when I say that I feel uncomfortable with this situation as the test pass without any problem or complication in previous releases and now they don't and there has been a huge change in OpenSSL in the middle.

Also, the asyncio tests for SSL now hang a lot in the refleak buildbots. For example:

I feel uncomfortable with a solution that basically is "skip the tests", when the test before used to pass deterministically and without problems. I am not an expert in the SSL area by far, so I don't know exactly what is the risk here.

I really apologize if I am insisting on this, but I think is important.
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