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Date 2021-05-20.20:24:45
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Mark: Can you please document your change on types.CodeType? In:


The change broke the Genshi project:

in this Genshi function:

    def build_code_chunk(code, filename, name, lineno):
        params =  [0, code.co_nlocals, code.co_kwonlyargcount,
                  code.co_stacksize, code.co_flags | 0x0040,
                  code.co_code, code.co_consts, code.co_names,
                  code.co_varnames, filename, name, lineno,
                  code.co_lnotab, (), ()]
        if hasattr(code, "co_posonlyargcount"):
            # PEP 570 added "positional only arguments"
            params.insert(2, code.co_posonlyargcount)
        return CodeType(*params)
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