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Date 2021-05-17.19:54:57
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On Windows 10 machine, unit tests show this error:

    0:05:10 load avg: 3.24 [221/427/1] test_mimetypes failed
    test test_mimetypes failed -- Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "D:\github\cpython\lib\test\", line 289, in test_guess_type
        eq(type_info, "I don't know anything about type foo.pic")
    AssertionError: 'type: image/pict encoding: None' != "I don't know anything about type foo.pic"
    - type: image/pict encoding: None
    + I don't know anything about type foo.pic

The test is verifying that the code reports `image/pict` as a *non-standard* MIME type:

    def test_guess_type(self):
        eq = self.assertEqual

        type_info = self.mimetypes_cmd("-l", "foo.pic")
        eq(type_info, "type: image/pict encoding: None")

        type_info = self.mimetypes_cmd("foo.pic")
        eq(type_info, "I don't know anything about type foo.pic")

Looking in my registry, I see the entry for `.pic`

    "Content Type"="image/pict"

The module seems to report everything it finds in the registry as "strict"
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