Author gvanrossum
Date 2002-04-23.21:26:56
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I haven't looked at this very carefully, but it looks like
it's well thought-out.

Suzuki, can you prepare a patch relative to current CVS?  I
get several patch failures now. (Fortunately I have a
checkout of 2.2 so I can still review and test the patch.)
I don't know what the patch failures are about (haven't
investigated) but imagine it might have to do with the PEP
279 (universal newlines) changes checked in by Jack Jansen,
which replaces the tokenizer's fgets() calls with calls to

Also, I can't read the README file (it's in Japanese :-).
What is the expected output from the samples? For me, gives SyntaxError: 'unknown encoding'

Martin, I'm unclear of how you intend to use this code. Do
you intend to go straight to phase 2 of the PEP using this
patch? Or do you intend to implement phase 1 of the PEP by
modifying this code?

Also, does the PEP describe the UTF-16 support as
implemented by Suziki's patch?
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