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Date 2021-05-07.17:39:21
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Content is a Python 2 concept.  Python 2 is end of life. no longer tracks issues with its code.  I don't doubt that Python 2.7 has bugs.  As a matter of policy, we don't care -  Python 3.6 as that is the oldest branch still open for security fixes.

The PRs associated with this issue fixed a codepath in Python 3 that only happened after a '100' response.  That codepath did not accumulate headers:

            if status != CONTINUE:
            # skip the header from the 100 response
            while True:
                skip = self.fp.readline(_MAXLINE + 1)
                if len(skip) > _MAXLINE:
                    raise LineTooLong("header line")
                skip = skip.strip()
                if not skip:

CONTINUE = 100; meaning that loop only runs after receiving what appears to be a 100 continue response.  And it does not accumulate data.

There is no `hlist` in the original pre-fix Python 3.6+ code.  Nor any header accumulation caused by this the talking to as described in this issues opening message.
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