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Mike: There may be multiple ways to read that WHATWG recommendation?  The linked to section is about implementing a state machine for parsing a URL into parts safely.  But that may not imply that anything that passed through that state machine should be considered "valid".  Just that this spec is able to make some sense out of otherwise messy data.  Network adage: Be lenient in what you accept.  I doubt anyone would want something producing URLs for consumption by something else to allow these in their output.

I have yet to read the _entire_ WHATWG spec from head to toe to try and better understand the context they had in mind.

I agree that it is unfortunate that the original URL may have these issues and go on to be (re)used in another context where it passes to something that might not treat it in the same manner.  That's in some sense a flaw in our API design that we allow string based URLs to be used in APIs rather than require them to have gone through a parsing sanitization step into a instance of a URL object (for example). API design like that is clearly out of scope for this issue. :)

Regardless my gut feeling is that we continue with the existing fix that remove the characters as we've already started releasing.  If we need to change our mind on how we've done that, so be it, we can, that'll show up in later patches.
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