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Date 2021-05-05.09:04:01
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On 05.05.2021 10:29, Christian Heimes wrote:
> I mean that Steve and you are talking about different things.

Could be. I was addressing the point Steve made about not allowing
or making it hard to run "pip install" as root user.

> Neither Steve nor you or I are are Linux distro packaging experts. I suggest that we listen to the expertise of downstream packagers like Filipe or Miro. They deal with packaging on a daily basis.


> By the way you are assuming that all container solutions work like Docker and that all Docker and non-Docker based container solutions allow you to run code as unrestricted, unconfined root. That's a) a incorrect, and b) offtopic for this ticket.

I gave the Docker example as proof that running "pip install" as
root is a rather common scenario and needs to be supported.

Linux distros have been supporting this for many years and just
because distutils is deprecated should not mean that we no longer
provide ways to support this kind of setup.

BTW: I'm aware that other container solutions work in different ways,
e.g. Podman, LXC, etc. but I have yet to find a solution that doesn't
offer root permissions inside the containers (I'm not talking
about how the container is run in the host system).
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