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Date 2021-05-02.22:01:03
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This is the full error message (and sorry I just saw that you put it on pastebin in the first post).

MSI (s) (18:04) [13:13:04:342]: SECREPAIR: Hash Database: C:\Windows\Installer\SourceHash{1C17C2CE-B315-4C1C-885A-E37181C7368E}
MSI (s) (18:04) [13:13:04:342]: Note: 1: 2203 2: C:\Windows\Installer\SourceHash{1C17C2CE-B315-4C1C-885A-E37181C7368E} 3: -2147023504 
MSI (s) (18:04) [13:13:04:342]: SECREPAIR: Error in CreateDatabase for write
MSI (s) (18:04) [13:13:04:342]: SECUREREPAIR: SecureRepair Failed. Error code: 89b55C5DDD8

This file isn't ours, so there's nothing we can do. You could try running some of the builtin troubleshooters, or perhaps the "sfc /scannow" command (in an elevated prompt) might help. It's possible that you have an aggressive antivirus or admin policy that you may be able to disable. Otherwise, for a corrupt install database, I'd guess you're looking at a Windows reset/reinstall.

If you have any success, please let us know what worked. If it turns out to be something within our control, we can try and make a change, but I suspect it'll just be handy to know for next time someone hits an issue like this.
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